Upgrade to the GoKart Automatic

If you already have a GoKart golf trolley with standard speed control, it can be upgraded to use our Automatic system. Read more about the GoKart Automatic golf trolley.

Converting your trolley is quite a major operation, which means it has to come back to the factory. During the upgrade process, your GoKart is completely stripped down, with many parts, including all the electronics and wiring, being replaced. While we’re about it, we also inspect the whole trolley, and renew any parts necessary, or even bits that we’ve just improved since your trolley was made.

Once that’s all done, it’s thoroughly cleaned and tested and returned to you with a new two year warranty.


The price for this service is $260, excluding transport costs.


When you place an order for the upgrade, you can contact us by phone +61 411 227714. You can then tell us which week day to collect your trolley. We’ll return it to you on the same day the following week. If you’d prefer it returned on a different day, you can tell us that too.

Preparing for colleciton

  • We don’t need the battery and charger back.
  • Please remove any accessories fitted to the trolley.
  • Put a label on the trolley with your name and address.
  • Fold the trolley up, but leave the wheels on.
  • You’ll need to pack your trolley for us to collect it. Please use one of the following options:
    • If you still have the original box, please put it in this.
    • Use another suitably sized carton.


      1. Can I specify what time of day the collection will happen, or even just morning or afternoon?
        • Unfortunately not. Please arrange collection on a day that’s convenient.
      2. Can you collect from my work address?
        • Yes, we can collect from almost any address that you give us.
      3. Can I have a loan trolley while mine is under the knife?
        • Unfortunately not.
      4. Can I bring my golf trolley to the factory for the upgrade?
        • Yes. Please call us to (+61 411227714) make an appointment. Allow around two hours for the work to be carried out. If you don’t want to wait, we’ll point you in the direction of a nice golf course, or restaurant, and you can leave the patient with us for attention.
      5. Is it cheaper if I bring my trolley to the factory?
        • Yes, there are not transport costs
      6. Is the one year warranty just for the new Automatic part of my trolley?
        • No. The warranty covers the complete trolley. Also, there’s no need to register for this; we automatically add the warranty to your account.
      7. How easy is it to get used to the new Automatic?
        • You may find that for a few holes one of your digits is still looking for the speed roller but you’ll soon adapt. We reckon 2-3 rounds and you’ll forget about the old system. The Automatic really is ridiculously easy to use.
      8. Will my umbrella holder and bottle holder still fit?
        • The bottle holder will fit just the same. If you already have an umbrella holder, it needs a couple of modified parts, which we’ll supply free of charge. When you place an order, please mention this in the special instructions.
      9. I can see a switch in the photos, what’s that for?
        • It’s just an incapacitating on/off switch, so that when you’re parked for a while (maybe outside the clubhouse) you don’t want anyone to nudge against the handle and set it going.
      10. How do I stop it?
        • The golf trolley will stop when you stop walking when you have your hand on the handle. It senses the lack of movement and just stops. Similarly when you hold the handle and start walking the Automatic gains speed to match your pace.
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