Spare parts

Ball nuts – Set of 2

These are the round nuts that screw on either side of the front wheel. If you spend lots of time in the long grass they can work loose.

Battery fitting kit – Type 1

Please order this if you already have a battery you want to use with your GoKart. The kit includes the moulded battery cover, wiring, connectors and all the necessary fixings. Simple to follow fitting instructions are also supplied.

Battery strap

Battery strap.The webbing strap that goes around the battery to keep it secure in the battery cover

Front wheel

Front wheel.The GoKart front wheel is supplied complete with new bearings, spindle and fitting instructions.

Front wheel bearing repair kit

Front wheel bearing repair kit.The bearings in your GoKart’s front wheel may need replacing occasionally. They get the worst of all the mud, grit and water, and eventually they can stop the wheel running smoothly.

Front Wheel Cover

No Need to order this with a new GoKart.If you already have a GoKart and have a problem with mud collecting around the front wheel, you can fit our latest design front wheel assembly.

Front wheel with cover

Front wheel with front wheel cover, spindle, bearings and nuts

Grip Wheels

Grip Wheels.Please don’t order these wheels if you’re buying a new trolley; they are the standard wheels fitted to all new GoKarts.

Lower bag strap

Lower bag strap.The elastic strap that holds the bottom of the golf bag

Mud flap

Mud flap – Free Shipping Australia Wide

Scorecard cover “new”

Scorecard cover “new”.This is the score card cover for the GoKart with standard speed control, new design.

Scorecard cover Automatic

Scorecard cover Automatic.The scorecard cover for the automatic handle only


Only for testing. Remove on live site.

Top Bag Strap

Top Bag Strap.The webbing strap, with a quick release buckle that secures the top of the golf bag

Top bag support

Top bag support.The top bag support also includes the clip that holds the trolley together when it’s folded up. It’ comes with instructions and is very easy to fit.

Wheel hubs

Wheel hubs set of 2.The quick release hubs, that the main wheels attach to can easily be replaced if they wear or break.